Advies, training en behandeling op emotioneel, communicatief en energetisch gebied


...from the Heart.

Love is the only healing force.
Love is the connection from Heart to Heart

To enable ourselves to get as close as possible
to our utmost deepest Being,
we will have to start trusting our Heart.
The Heart is the portal to love,
love for ourselves and everything that exists.
We only can experience Life in its fullest glory
by being connected to this
enormous amount of caring energy
within our Heart, within ourselves.
This caring energy connects everything and everybody.

I can support you
to reconnect with your Heart
to set yourself free
to be yourself to celebrate Life.

My name is Hetty van Enckevort and I was born in 1959.

Sometimes life sucks. Nothing seems to go smoothly or simply the way you would like things to go. That’s where I come in. Together we can look for answers, find out why things go the way they go. Being aware and understanding the reason why the rhythm of our Life for the moment is the way it is, is a first step to move on with it. I was born with this gift that enables me to look right into the deeper/deepest parts of somebodies Being. I can point out the core of the problem, so you can get to know yourself even better as you thought. That puts the key to open the right door in your own hands. You can choose which door to open.

What possible questions are there to look into?

Whatever question leads to awareness. Whatever question it takes to get back to the joy of Life. Questions that concern emotions, communication, traumatic experiences, work, family, relationships, physical or psychological issues, being stucked in a situation, being restless, not sleeping well, sorrow. Questions about soul-energy, cosmic power, your star-family. Questions about who you are.

What do I do?

Consultations and working with energies.
When it comes to dealing with life itself, learning its lessons, everybody has his very own way of doing that. It’s important to be aware of the essential information that lays in all the information from all the experiences you ever had through all times. Everything gathers in this moment, in NOW. We will start working together from right there. I give advice and work on an energetic level which influences various levels right on to the physical body. I use Tibetan scales, flower concentrates, tuning-forks, crystals and voice to support the process. Becoming aware provides answers and new possibilities as to change your life.

You’re most welcome for a consultation and energetic session. It will take about two hours and I will take EUR 180, taxes included. In case the consultation is held abroad or in the distance, on the phone, it will cost EUR 200, taxes included.

Not showing up for an appointment and appointments that were not annulled twenty-four hours before the consultation, coaching, workshop or meditation was scheduled are going to be invoiced.
None of your personal data like name, address, email and phone-number will be shared with any other party. They only serve to contact you or to write an invoice.

Consultations, coaching and meditations will be applied only by prompt payment.

The notations written by me during a consultation or coaching will be handed over to you at the end of the session.

I’m not a medical doctor so I will always advice you to see your physicist for medical treatment of physical or psychological problems. But we can check on the message your body tries to give to you.

In case you decide to make an appointment you automatically agree with these conditions.